How can I get my hair to grow?

Did you just get an awful hair cut and you will just do anything to get your hair to grow back? Have you tried the monistat theory, rubbed onions on your scalp or even stood on your head to increase blood flow? Or are you just on a hair growth mission and you want to see how long it can actually grow? Whatever your reason is I have some tips that can help you get there without having to do the complete most. First understand that your hair is going to grow no matter what. However, you can slightly manipulate the growth rate and retain it with these 5 easy tips.

1. First, everyone knows that hair needs plenty of sunshine and water to grow. No? Well, not exactly but it is the same concept. What you put into your body reflects what comes out of your body. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced healthy diet will improve hair growth. Eating your green leafy veggies and drinking at least half of your body weight in water will give you the best internal start on growing those beautiful tendrils you desire.

2. Leave your hair alone! Low manipulation means less breakage which equals length retention. By all means watch those youtube videos until you drop but keep the hair style experimentation to a minimum if you want to retain length. Hair will grow but if it is breaking as fast as it is growing it is pointless! Ever wonder why you had such long, thick hair as a child? Because once your hair was done it was done. Keep your hands out of your hair, you will be happy that you did.

3. Protect those ends and keep them well cared for. Moisturizing and deep conditioning as often as your hair calls for and consciously moving through your hair with ease will keep the hair on your head. Your hair is very vulnerable when its being styled wet. And your hair is more susceptible to breakage if you try to detangle while it is dry. Style your hair while it is dried, detangled and stretched. Try to finger detangle with a generous amount of conditioner on wet hair. Always go with the grain and smoothing the hair as you are going through it. Like any good relationship, love your hair and it won’t leave you!

4. Keep a clean scalp. I know a lot of us curly girls have jumped on the no shampoo train but come on ladies your scalp needs a good cleansing. A build up of sweat, cells, dirt and who knows what else has accumulated onto the scalp and needs to be cleansed off. Don’t believe the hype about sulfate shampoos. Sulfates are cleansing agents and are actually good for cleansing. Yes if used too often can be drying but I’m talking about once per week for the scalp or even twice per month depending on the scalp. Shampoo the scalp and condition the hair. If you keep a clean healthy scalp it will produce healthy hair.

5. I had to save this for last because I know so many of you do not want to hear it but here it goes…..TRIM YOUR HAIR. I know I know you had a horrible trim that turned out to be a full blown hair cut but not every stylist is out to destroy your life. Regular salon visits can be very beneficial to the health of your hair. If your hair is knotting, popping and snapping during detangling then its time for a trim, a professional trim. Trimming your hair when necessary will not grow your hair faster but it will help keep the split hair from splitting up even further. Do not hold on to hair that feels like someone took a match to it. In the words of Elsa, let it go, let it go!

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