Why is my hair so dry!!!!!?

Do you feel like no matter what you put on your hair it never feels moisturized? Does it feel like a beautiful desert cactus in the blazing summer heat? Or maybe you just need a little moisture control to tame that frizz? Though you want to maintain a good balance of moisture and protein, the most common complaint in natural hair is dryness. Everyone is always looking for that next amazing conditioner or moisturizer. Whether it is a styler, a leave in or a deep conditioner it is the holy grail to natural/curly hair. With good reason, curly hair is more prone to dryness than other textures so moisturizing is a very important step in the regimen. Here are 5 tips to keeping those tresses moisturized to capacity!

1.First, let us understand what moisture really is. Moisture is water. Something can not be a moisturizer if it does not contain water. That’s right..all of that shea butter, mango butter and mixed oils you put together in your kitchen is not moisturizing your hair. The most potent ingredients in a product are the first five listed ingredients on the label. A good moisturizer should start with water,surfactant, conditioning agents humectant, thickening agents then the preservative and fragrance ( we will go into more detail about these ingredients in another post). Water is about 80% of a true moisturizing product. If water is not at the top, put it down and proceed to the next if you are on the hunt for a true moisturizer. Moisturizers tend to be in the form of creams, leave-ins or sprays and must be water based which means when put onto the hair will revert the hair back to its natural state.

2. Do a porosity test. The best way to identify a good moisture regimen for your hair is to determine the porosity of your hair, which is your hairs ability to absorb moisture into the cuticle. Kind of like a sponge.http://sessleecurls.com/porosity/ I like to describe porosity in terms of a house with many doors..stay with me, I promise it relates.lol. Ok, think of a big house with many doors that open to the outside. If you open all of the doors to the house, air can easily enter and flow through the house, but on the same token as easy as if flows in it flows back out. This house is highly porous because of the doors being open it can not retain the air. Just as with your hair. If your cuticle layer of your hair is lifted open or you have potholes in the hair then moisture will flow through but will not stay. On the other hand, say you have a house with all of the doors closed. No air can get in and if it does, it is trapped in releasing slowly. This house has low porosity. Does your hair take forever to dry? It may be that your hair has low porosity because it holds the water in so tightly once it is absorbed but it takes a lot to get it absorbed. Most of the moisture just sits on the outside. Where we want to be is right in the middle.You want your hair to be able to take in moisture easily but you also want it to hold the moisture in as well. Just as in your house, you want a nice flow of air coming in, remaining and going out just to keep the place well ventilated and comfortable.

3. Sleep with a satin bonnet or satin scarf on your head at night. The point of the satin scarf is clearly to look like a sexy beast;) Okay, maybe not that but it keeps the moisture locked into the strands of your hair and not the threads of your pillowcase. I know I know, your husband can’t stand the bonnet, but it is just a small sacrifice for fabulous, moisture filled curls. Cotton pillowcases suck up all the moisture in your hair and leave your hair super thirsty and frizzy in the morning.Or if you just can not stand to have anything on your head while you sleep then invest in a satin pillowcase. You can get one on amazon prime and have it here in the morning! Don’t neglect your strands or even those of your daughter, or future daughter or niece or neighbors daughter..heck you know some small curlygirl child that could use the information! Satin bonnets and satin pillowcases are definitely a staple in the moisture regimen.

4.Moisturize daily if your particular hair calls for it. Use a conditioner mist in the morning and at night if necessary before putting on that sexy bonnet. Using a good moisture conditioner to co-wash in between shampoos can be just what you need to up that moisture content as well. Whether that means misting daily then adding an oil or another moisturizer to seal it in, doing protective styles to seal in the moisture or simply co-washing in between shampoos your hair will be more moisturized and will even appear more lustrous..I created a cream oil product made to keep moisture own the hair but ;right enough to be absorbed into the strands when put on wet hair. Check it out here Moisturized hair is happy hair and happy hair is everything!

5.Get regular steam treatments using a good moisture rich deep conditioner. Every client that sits in my chair always gets a steam treatment no matter what style they get. Steam treatments are amazing for infusing moisture into the hair. Moisture strengthens the hair, maintains elasticity and provides damage protection for the hair during styling and everyday manipulation. If steam treatments are not a part of your normal regimen you certainly need to get with the program because they are absolutely amazing for natural hair. Your curls will no longer be a desert cactus after a good steam treatment. Especially if you color your hair or heat style your hair often, you will need moisture to keep those strand protected. Look for a stylist in your area who offers steam treatments or order a personal steamer on amazon (can you tell I LOVE amazon). You will be so grateful you did.

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