First, I think it is purposeful to describe what I mean when I speak about hair density.

Density refers to the amount of hair on your head that covers a square inch section of your head. It can be thin, medium or thick. Light density, medium density or heavy density.

Why is density even important to know?
The density of your hair determines how well styles turn out on your hair and what products work best for your hair. For instance, if you have low density hair you will need bigger partings in styles to create a fuller look. If you have high density hair you will most likely do smaller partings to achieve the best look with styles. Each will look different when straightened and each will use a different amount of product and time during styling.


*sess lee tip:

When speaking about density, this refers to the whole head and relates to the terms of thin, medium and thick. (low, medium or high density)

There is a slight misconception between thin/fine and thick/coarse. Thin/thick refers to the whole head where fine/coarse refers to one strand.


This is where it can get kind of tricky. You can use thin/fine to refer to a hair strand if you are refering to the width of one actual hair strand. However, you can not refer to your hair being fine in relation to the amount of hair you have on your head. In relation to your whole head you would say my hair is thin or thick (low density or high density).

Thin hair (low density hair) when put in a ponytail will make a small circumference ponytail. Thick (highly dense) hair will make a larger circumference in ponytail.

Thick hair (highly dense)

Thinner hair (lower density)

Fine/normal/coarse refers to the actual width of the hair strand. If you compare one strand of hair to a piece of thread and the hair is smaller in width of the thread you have fine hair. If the hair strand is the same size of the thread then the hair is said to be coarse.

Because fine hair is so small in circumference it is more prone to breakage so it should be handled very delicately and styled for its hair type. A lot of curly girls have fine hair that is very tightly curly. This hair type is prone to breakage and should be handled very carefully to avoid breakage. Fine/normal or coarse hair can be either low, medium or highly dense.

Low/Medium/High density refers to the amount of strands on the actual head.

Low Density hair feels and appears thinner because it doesn’t have as many hairs on the actual head. Although the hair strand may be coarse, say you press the hair out it may appear very thin.

Medium dense hair is the most common and can be styled in many different ways with many different options depending on how loose or tight the curl is.

Highly dense hair has the largest amount of strands per square inch on the head. This level of density usually takes longer to style and requires more sectioning during detangling and styling.


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