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You are %100 natural when you have no chemical on your hair at all. You are %100 natural when your hair is in its natural texture from roots all the way to the ends. You are not %100 natural if you still have straight ends from a relaxer or other texturizing chemical that has not yet been cut off.
Make sure you are only ‘shampooing’ when necessary (1-2x per month is usually sufficient) and you are conditioner washing with a moisturizing conditioner in between time and sealing the moisture with a hair butter or oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil. Dryness can also be contributed to your diet or any medication you may be taking as well.
There is no right product for your natural hair. Everybody’s hair is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. Finding the right product is all about trial and error. However, to help assist you on your product search I can offer a few tips on what to look for and what to stay away from in terms of ingredients in a product. Look at the ‘natural hair tips’ section for ingredients.
Either option is available, however there are pros and cons to both. Doing the ‘big chop’ has a pro of your hair being able to grow at a faster rate than it would with those straight ends left on.
Another pro would be that you will begin to see your natural hair texture from root to end, so you can begin the journey of natural styling and product usage.
Con to the ‘big chop’ is once you big chop it may be too short to do any styling just yet.
Transitioning has benefits of being able to slowly transition into being %100 natural without immediately losing your length.
Cons to transitioning would be slowed growth rate and possible excessive shedding.
Try setting aside a certain time and day to do your childs hair. Speak about it as a pleasant experience you two can use to spend time together. Get a favorite toy or movie to watch during the process and even find names to identify certain aspects. My daughter and I refer to her hurtful tangles as “tanglies” that are not welcome! We sing “no more tanglies, no more tanglies” as we approach a tangle. She feels involved and wants it out as quickly as I do. We enjoy our set aside time together and we both look forward to having that time together. I always tell her how much of a big girl she is for sitting so nicely, then we look in the mirror and she tells me what she loves about her hair. I always tell her how beautiful her curly hair is and how we have to take care of it. I think she takes just as much pride as I do in doing her hair and keeping it healthy.
Usually when you notice that you have straight ends on your hair when it is wet tells you that you either have heat damage, chemical damage or lack of moisture. You can get heat damage from flat ironing your natural hair too often and with the wrong hot tools for your natural hair. Chemical damage can come from too much color, mostly bleaching or blonding the hair and even having relaxer still left on the ends. And lastly your natural hair may lose its curl pattern from not being moisturized enough. Your hair will not keep its natural curl if you do not take care of it. If you are neglecting your hair of moisture and the overall care that it needs then your hair will not curl to its full potential and may remain flat or straight. In any case once your hair is damaged it can not be reverted. It has to be cut off. The only case in which you can regain a curl that has gone flat is if you are lacking moisture and you just need a good moisture treatment followed up with a good moisture routine from then on out. But If your hair is damaged there is no product to fix damaged hair, it must be cut off.